Respect towards the environment and protection of your health and safety. In Casa Lube we believe that the kitchen and other furniture production does not go hand in hand with the preservation of our home, earth.

This is why we are aware of the environmental problems and We try to contribute positively by using ecologic methods of production. Using ecologic panels (which drastically reduce the toxic emissions) is just one of the methods that our producers use to help our planet get better. Strictly following normative F4norma JIS (one of the toughest certificates in environmental matters) all of our kitchen furniture is made of 100% recycled material.

Sustainability in the furniture business is essential and Lube kitchens, being produced with the cleanest energy have been awarded with being the most environmentally friendly compared with all of its other Italian competitors. We also want to point out that our leaflets and catalogues are all produced using ecologic cellulose FF, certificate FSC.