Finding yourself in the warmest place of your home, full of scents and good memories. Meet with family and friends to live honest and happy moments whilst remembering the simplicity of passed time under the slogan of hospitality. A precise concepts for those who have a romantic spirit. We choose wood, an old and precious and strong material that with its many finishes can satisfy the needs of the more demanding clients for a long long time.


A kitchen that can be both interpreted as classical in its natural version or also with a modern twist with an astonishing beauty. A solid wooden made kitchen with three new finishes and five warm colors.


In this project, luxury is a matter of environments made of colors, of the intimacy of details carefully worked on and the capacity to transform every kitchen in an art piece. The idea begins with the “Pantheon’s” passion mixed with a pinch of sentimentalism (architect’s words). The esthetic and quality are increasingly important in the interior designs; they are both important because they enhance the way to interpret the different spaces that define what You can find in our catalogues. Pantheon, an important kitchen full of small details that put together make THE classical kitchen.